How To Get Into Rehab With No Money?

Drug and alcohol abuse is a common problem in the USA with individuals involved ranging from young teenagers to old persons. Based on statistics released by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in the year 2014, about 22 million aged 12 years and above were involved in drug and alcohol abuse. Many addicts shy away from seeking rehabilitation services due to their low financial power.

For instance, drug addicts find inpatient drug rehab quite unaffordable discouraging them from showing concern of restoring their previous life before addiction. Majority of these individual are hardly aware of the existence of free detox centers that can help towards a journey of recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Indeed, free rehab centers do exist that tailor rehabilitation services. In fact, most of these facilities get regular monetary support from the government, local and international non-governmental organizations and churches.

State Funded Drug & Alcohol Detox Programs

State Funded Detox CentersThere are stated-funded grants for rehab centers where addicts can get medical based detox, therapy, guidance and counseling and other support services. These rehab centers entirely depend on financial assistance from the government to realize their objective of helping individuals overcome their addictions. As much as quite a number of free rehab centers do not offer extravagance facilities as opposed to very expensive rehab centers that make rehabilitation and getting sober very convenient, they are crucial in bringing order and purpose in an addict’s life offering long-term recovery.

Ways To Locate Free Rehab Clinics

Perhaps you are wondering how to indeed know if there are free rehab centers in your local area or state. The key to finding these centers is to inquire from government sources either online or offline which will provide information on the free rehab facilities available at a particular time and place. Once you have verified their existence, you can make a visit to know the type of rehabilitation services they offer. To reap maximum benefits from these free rehab centers, be sure to inquire about the duration of the treatment and the kind of treatment administered to patients.

These free rehab centers offer either outpatient or inpatient detox services for drugs, alcohol and marijuana. When it comes to outpatient detox services, an individual will visit the free rehab center at an agreed time of the day and return home thereafter. In this program, greater focus is on addicts who have very few withdrawal symptoms thus less chances of relapsing. This kind of treatment is also flexible in that it allows the persons to also be involved in support groups outside the medical facility which speeds their recovery. In inpatient detox program pays keen attention to individuals who have struggled with addiction for a very prolonged period of time. Treatment is accorded on a full-time basis-both during the day and at night. This is very effective especially in helping individuals who are at a great risk of relapsing to avoid doing so.

It is important to find free addiction treatment centers that offer rehabilitation classes which involves both the physical and psychological aspects of the addiction. Having sessions with a counselor and therapist where the addicts open about their substance abuse problems. A comprehensive treatment program is also formulated to help the addicts overcome their use of drugs and alcohol. For example, alcoholics may be given medications such as Naltrexone, Disulfiram and Acamprosate to counteract the withdrawal symptoms. In this treatment process, caution is taken through close monitoring to ensure the addicts do not have adverse effects as a result of the medication administered. Once an individual successfully this treatment, the free rehab centers recommend group sessions and mental behavioral therapy to enable him/her transition from the factors that trigger the urge to use alcohol and drugs to total abstinence.

Lastly, it is almost obvious that abstaining from alcohol and drug use independently is a difficult endeavor. Therefore, free detox clinics greatly contribute in improving a drug and alcohol addict’s life by making the quitting process less difficult. They are affordable compared to other drug treatment programs making them suitable for those who cannot afford to pay to have treatment. If you are that individual who has been grappling with the issue of addiction for a long time. It is the high time to take your first step towards recover; make a point of finding out about the free rehab center near you and visit it for the much needed help.